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Cranes (for HGVN's senior students only)

While many of the crane techniques are incorporated in Hong-Gia, the crane is so important that it is given special emphasis for training purposes. Three cranes teaches the diverse, yet complementary keys from three different species of cranes. The student is taught crane breathing and movement techniques which are, at once fighting techniques, healthful exercise, and Chi Kung. The body movements are such that they keep the body and energy flows in the body from working against each other, and in fact, are synergistic with each other. As a result, a dedicated student can realize one hundred percent of their native power, speed, and fighting abilities in less than three years. If this same student has also practiced Hong-Gia to build their tendons for body protection and added power and/or has also practiced Wu Chi to be able to create, store and utilize additional chi, the student should be able to easily handle opponents with even several year of other styles.

This class is not being offered to public. Only qualified Hong-Gia Viet-Nam's student is selected for the class. 

Program Fee:
not applicable

Required. (see us for details)

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