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Hong-Gia Viet-Nam(La-Phu-Son)

Hong Gia La-Phu-Son is an ancient Taoist internal Kung Fu based upon Wu Chi (the essentials of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua) and Nga Mi (Beautiful Eyebrow). It utilizes Noi Cong (nei kung), Chi Kung, and fighting movements so that students can develop (in order) health, strength, and self-defense.
As an "internal" martial art it strives to obtain great speed and power with minimal physical effort by utilzing the tendons, chi, and body position. As in other internal styles, Hong Gia utilizes the five elements (Water, Earth, Wood, Fire, and Metal) and mimics the movements of many animals, the primary animals being Crane, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, and Leopard.

The original monestary was originally on La Phu mountain (La Phu Son) in an area that was formerly North East Vietnam. The area is now considered part of the New Territories of China and the mountain is called Laufaushan and is approximately 6 miles NNW of Kowloon and Hong Kong.

The image above shows one of the students demonstrating the "Dragon Face". By tensing his tendons he makes the face of a dragon appear on his chest and abdomen. The bottom half of the face is covered by his sash, but the horns and eyes are clearly visible.

The new World Headquarters for Hong Gia La Phu Son is located at Little Saigon, California, USA. This location is run by master Ly Hong Thai. The phone number is Confidential.
Approximately two million students around the world.


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